VRF Management

Here we will try to discuss abaut VRF Management

What its VRF Management

The Ethernet management port allows you to perform management tasks on the router. It is an interface that should not and often cannot forward network traffic; but it can be used to access the router via Telnet and SSH to perform management tasks on the router


Default configuration

a forwarding VRF is configured for the interface with a special group named “Mgmt-intf.” attention You cannot change this configuration. Configuring a forwarding VRF for the interface with special group named “Mgmt-intf” allows you to isolate the traffic on the management interface away from the forwarding plane

Example config

Router(config)# interface GigabitEthernet0
Router(config-if)# vrf forwarding Mgmt-intf
remember The Gigabit Ethernet management port is always GigabitEthernet0
Viewing the VRF config
Router# show running-config vrf
Building configuration…
Current configuration : 351 bytes
vrf definition Mgmt-intf
address-family ipv4
address-family ipv6
Setting default route in management interface VRF
Router(config)# ip route vrf Mgmt-intf next-hop-IP-address
Setting managenent ip address
 to setting ip address on management interface its like the other inteface ip process
Router(config)# interface GigabitEthernet 0
Router(config-if)# ip address A.B.C.D A.B.C.D
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